Meeting Notes

The Consistory met on May 21st and June18th .

The following was discussed:
•  Zoning issues and inspections performed at 42 & 44 Thomas. 
•  Preparing a new lease for affordable housing corporation. 
•  Roof repairs needed on #42 and the church. 
•  Lighthouse Church partnership has been going very smoothly. 
•  The Church Revitalization Grant has been completed and is ready for classis approval. 
•  Manna Cafe has had a successful start. 
•  Purchasing a new grill to use for the Manna cafe. 
•  #44 needs a new storm door installed in the back. 
•  The hot water heater was replaced at the church. 
•  Study Zone completed a very successful year of free homework help and tutoring for children of South River. 
•  Summer services to be held at 9am in the sanctuary, July through Labor Day. 
•  The church website will be getting an upgrade. 
•  2 movie nights to be scheduled over the summer. 
•  No consistory meeting over the summer.

The next meeting of the Consistory will be held on Sunday, September 24th at 12:30 p.m.

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