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September-October 2015




    At their recent meeting the Consistory of First Reformed Church of South River approved a plan which will provide for ministerial services for the church for the coming church year.  The plan includes the formation of a Ministry Team that consists of three individuals who will each serve the church on a part-time basis.  Each member of the team will have specific duties pertaining to the daily operation of the church and they will share the responsibilities of leading worship on Sundays and conducting Bible study.  In return, the three team members will be able to share the accommodations at #44 Thomas Street.
    The first team member is Chris McNabb.  Chris is a third year student at Princeton Theological Seminary, and in addition to preaching and leading worship once a month, Chris will be active in congregational care activities.  The second team member is Codie Todd.  Codie is also a third year student at Princeton who is currently serving an internship for the coming year at Reformed Church of Highland Park under the supervision of Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale.  Codie will also be preaching and leading worship once a month as well as working with youth and outreach.  The third team member is Andrew Smith.  Andrew is a Baptist minister from Jamaica.  In addition to preaching and leading worship twice a month, Andrew will work on community development and project facilitation.  The after school program will be under the direction of Elders Beth Lukacs, Ellen Tschopp, and Ellen Hori.
    Each of these team members brings their own gifts and expertise.  Together, bouncing off each other’s strengths, their cooperative ministry promises to be very creative and exciting.  Please do your utmost to show your support, and continue to pray for all of them as they do their best to lead in God's name.

~ Reverend David Martin, Classis Supervisor ~


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40 Thomas Street, South River, New Jersey 08882