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November-December 2015



The holiday season is once again upon us! Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years.
Instead of this being “the busy season” or “the crazy time of year,” I propose we make it a time of rest and anticipation. Let us rest in the hope that God provides us, in the peace that comes with being united together in love with our neighbor, the Earth, and with the Divine. Let us rest because we know that we are not fulfilled by the latest technology or newest Christmas gift, but by the meaningful relationships that bless our
Furthermore, let this anticipate the day when all our global neighbors are gathered together into one community in the Kingdom of God, a day when suffering has ceased and weeping is no more. Let us remember in this time of anticipation that our acts of love and grace help to usher in this Kingdom.
In November and December, we have time to come together as a church for rest and anticipation. We will rest together on a movie night and other times we spend time together as a community. Moreover, we will anticipate the birth of Jesus, the perfect model of love, in the Advent Season, as we wait to celebrate Christmas together and as we look forward to the coming of the Kingdom.

Grace and peace to you, sisters and brothers.
~ Pastor Codie Todd~


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