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March - April 2016



Change is upon us once again - the snow is melting and warm air approaches. It is Spring! - The season of renewal. It is also a time of reflection during the holy season of Lent - reflection on the author and finisher of our faith: the Lord Jesus Christ.

The themes of renewal and reflection are encapsulated in the beautiful words uttered from the throne of God in Revelation 21verse 5: "I am making everything new". The loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ affords us new possibilities - new horizons - new hopes - new opportunities. As winter becomes spring, we come outside and immerse ourselves in the promise of a new experience. I trust that this prospect brings a smile to your face and a skip to your step. God has indeed made all things NEW. This is a time for gratitude: a time to recount what Jesus has done to redeem us and to say, "Thank You Jesus! - all that I am and all I have, I owe to you and your kindness".

As we celebrate the Lenten season in the month of March, we trace the steps of our Lord from the rough roads of Galilee to the jubilant streets of Jerusalem to the rugged heights of Golgotha. As we trace his steps we reflect on his emotions - the highs and the lows. We reflect on his motivation - you and me. We reflect on his courage - to endure physical and spiritual suffering. We reflect on his goal - to provide a path for humanity back to God. We reflect and we say, "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy" (Psalm 30:11.)

Enjoy the renewal! Enjoy the reflection! - may your hearts be moved and your spirits be lifted. It's a new season. May the blessing of God and His eternal grace be yours today and always.

Grace and peace to you, sisters and brothers.
~ Pastor Chris McNabb ~


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