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    Because this Winter has been so extreme and affected all of us so significantly, almost everyone I know is looking forward to Spring.  Spring is a wonderful time of year, filled with expectation and planning.  People are thinking of gardens and vacations and warmth.  But in the coming weeks we need to focus also on another season, the season of Lent, the holiest time of the year.  As we enter the season of Lent, we must do so in reverence and reflection.
    First, through an honest introspection, we must realize that we are not always all that we are called to be.  We once again come to the knowledge that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  Recognizing the faults in our lives points us to our need for a Savior.  As we go through Lent, we are reminded once again of the steps of Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, the torture and scorn he endured innocently for us.  Out of his love and grace, our Lord paid for our salvation.  Though he had no sin himself, Jesus took our sin and nailed it to the cross of Calvary, and he died.  "For the wages of sin is death."  With all this in mind, Lent truly is the holiesst time of the year!
    Yet the story does not end there.  Because of God's great love for his Son, and all of us, death is not the final victory.  An empty tomb, a new creation, everlasting life in and through Christ, and strength for tomorrow are the new story. 

    Lent begins on Ash Wedneday and ends on Ressurection Sunday.  It begins with repentence and solemn reverence.  It ends with jubilation and celebration.  I urge you to take time this season of Lent to read God's Word, especially the Passion accounts found in the four Gospels, to be faithful in worship on Sundays and during Holy Week, and to spend time in prayer.  LENT IS  THE HOLIEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!

Reverend David Martin, Classis Supervisor






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