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March - April 2017



"The Times, They Are A'Changing"

            Bob Dylan wrote these words in the 1960's to refer to revolutionary social changes that were sweeping our nation. But they came to my mind today as I was coming up with a theme to this article.  A short time ago we were buried under snow and it seemed as if winter was going to last forever.  Today the temperature is approaching 60 degrees and there are no signs of snow.  There are even crocuses blooming outside our front door.  What appeared so bleak and hopeless just a few days ago now shows signs of life and hope.
            How appropriate for the season of Lent and the message of Christ!  The season of Lent leading up to the Resurrection mimics the season of Winter progressing toward Spring.  During Lent, as we look inward, it often seems as if our spiritual condition is hidden like the crocus.  But when we reflect anew on the Kingdom of God, as revealed to us by Jesus, the warmth of his love and grace melts away our coldness and brings out our beauty and helps us to bloom as God's people.
            It is especially during Holy Week that we experience the emotional rollercoaster associated with the Gospel message.  The message of kingdom authority to crucifixion, from companionship to separation, from death to life and from sorrow to joy.  On Palm Sunday, we join in singing our glad Hosannas proclaiming Jesus as "King of Kings."  Maundy Thursday, as we gather to reenact the Last Supper that Jesus had with his closest friends and companions, we feel a part of that same fellowship.  Our cares and concerns melt away like the winter snow and we go forth basking in the warmth of God's love and presence.  When we hear again the message of how Jesus was tortured and crucified by the Romans and the Jewish authorities, we are moved to tears and despair just like Jesus' disciples.  The thought of our Savior's lifeless body being placed in a cold dark tomb forces us to tremble.  When we gather to hear anew the wonder of that Resurrection morn, we turn from the darkness and despair of separation from God to a new position of power and victory over sin and death.  We are transported from sorrow to joy and newness of life becomes reality.
            All of our Worship Services will be filled with traditional Scripture lessons and inspirational messages.  We invite each and every one of you to join us as we progress through this most holy time of the year.

Reverend David Martin, Classis Supervisor


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