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September - October 2016



Thoughts from Elder Beth Lukacs ....

I've been focusing a lot on faith recently and have come to the conclusion that even though I often show a surprising lack of faith, God still comes through for me.  

Case in point.   Working in the church office one morning, my cell phone rang with a return call from a car dealer about a used car for our daughter in Massachusetts.  I was ready to make a non-refundable deposit on the car - if the dealer would just come down another $400.  The car was already way over our budget, and the $400 was just a tiny drop, but his refusal to budge on the price sent me back to the drawing board.  I hung up the phone and in my frustration, I am ashamed to say that I said out loud - "Here I am, in a church, and you couldn't whisper into that salesman’s ear and change his mind?".  That night, my daughter called me to say that her boyfriend's father, (a mechanic at that), was getting a new car and wanted to sell her his car for a ridiculously generous price.  Truly, an answer to prayer.  Why is it that I don't learn to have faith in God?

This happens time and time again in our church as well.  The Consistory wanted to find a non-profit organization to rent one of the church houses for a period of 6 months, giving us much needed income from the property and just the right amount of time to get our new pastoral plan in place.   But the real estate agent assured us that no one wants to move into a house for just 6 months and then have to move again (and recalling my last move, I had to agree with that!).  So we reluctantly agreed to market the house as a one year non-profit rental.  The papers were completed, but we ran into a little delay getting the required signatures.  And then, the phone rang.  A local minister was looking for a house to rent for a period of 6 months while he waited for their church parsonage to be ready.  He told me that everything he looked at required a one year lease, and he couldn't find anyone who would rent to him for 6 months.  An answer to prayer - for both parties - and another lesson on having faith in God.

A third instance can be found in Consistory discussions about the direction for our future as a congregation.  We've been talking about how we can reach out to the Spanish community around us.  So many families that were part of our afterschool program last year spoke limited English.  We wanted to modify our afterschool program to focus more on providing tutoring and homework help - especially to the children in families where the parents were not able to help them.  The idea for our new program "Study Zone" was created, but with no Spanish in my vocabulary, I felt inadequately prepared to be able to reach out to the families who most needed this program.   We moved forward anyway.  The flyers were done, but waiting for distribution. Then my phone rang.  A former Elementary/Spanish teacher in our community was looking for ways to volunteer her services and wondered if I had any ideas for her.  Have faith!  Trust God!

As a church, we still don't know exactly where we are headed, but we do know that God has wonderful plans for us.   It is not always according to our timeline, but it is always just when we need it.   Our job is to have faith in Him and to keep moving forward knowing that God is with us on this journey and will never let us down.

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                     Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
                                and do not rely on your own insight.
                       In all your ways acknowledge him,
                                and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3: 5-6


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