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Summer Workshops:
Our summer series this summer included two workshops by Susan Lukacs as a part of her Gold Award Project. The workshops were:

    Childhood Obesity: What kids, parents, and communities can do to help prevent it.
        The presentation addressed issues of childhood obesity, geting active,
        snack makeovers, and healthy snacks.

    From Garden to Table: A Healthy Choice.
        The benefits of home grown produce and organic options for your garden were the
        main focus of this presentation. Susan provided samples of simple recipes using
        produce from the garden.

A Night in Bethlehem
December 13, 2009: Our second 'Night in Bethlehem' event was marked with a great turnout by church members, families and friends of all ages. All of our volunteers worked hard to make the event an enjoyable success for all the came out.

Summer Programs
We are pleased to report that the special summer programs that were held in July and August were a great success. The topics were:
      Prevention: The Key to Health and Well Being for Seniors
      Protecting Yourself against Identity Theft and Scams
      Securing Your Future: Financial and Legal Advice.
We would like to continue to have helpful presentations and are looking for new topics. Please let us know your ideas! You can leave a message with your ideas for Pastor Stager or the secretary at the church office: 732-257-1994.

Summer 2009 Car Wash
June 20th, 2009: Special thanks to all who came out in spite of the threatening storm and supported our car wash by helping wash cars or allowing us the opportunity to wash their car. Every contribution helped make the car wash a success!

Sunday School end of year celebration and Pot-Luck Luncheon
June 14th, 2009: On the second Sunday of June each year, we acknowledge our Sunday school children and teachers for their dedication to our church. This year our service was particularly special as it included worship leadership by our newest confirmant (Amanda) and our newest Sunday school member (Shaq), and a sermon by one of our recently confirmed youth members (Kym). The service allowed the congregation a unique opportunity to reflect on the spiritual growth of our young members. All of our Sunday school children were recognized as were our Sunday school teachers (Sandi, Beth, Katlin and Susan) and substitutes (Kym and Erin) who give so generously of their time all year. Our service was followed by our annual pot luck luncheon with create your own ice cream sundae's as a special treat.

Red Cross Shelter Training
June 13, 2009: Approximately 15 members of our congregation and the local community were trained to be Red Cross shelter volunteers in the event that an unexpected emergency occurs in our area. We will continue to look for ways that our congregation can help make sure that our community is "Red Cross Ready" for the unexpected.

2009 Confirmation Sunday
May 31, 2009: On Pentecost Sunday this year, we will celebrated another affirmation of faith as Amanda Warfield was confirmed into the active membership of our congregation. We look forward to Amanda's continued involvement in our church family as our newest active member.

2009 Spaghetti Dinner
May 9th, 2009: Our second annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser was once again a great success. Special thanks to all who helped prepare and serve this wonderful meal.

A Night in Bethlehem
December 14, 2008: Our first 'Night in Bethlehem' event was marked with a great turnout by church members, families and friends of all ages. All of our volunteers worked hard to make the event an enjoyable success for all the came out.

Stuffed Cabbage Dinner
October 25, 2008: Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who came out to roll the cabbage. Special thanks to the Youth group members who came and served.

Car Wash
September 13, 2008: The car wash was a great success. It was a beautiful day for the event and everyone that came had a great time working together.

Presentation by Rev. Elvis Elahie
July 13, 2008: We were honored to have the Rev. Elvis Elahie, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad-Tobago, give a special presentation on Living in a Multi-Religious/Cultural World. Rev. Elahie, has urged Christian denominations in his country to embrace the nation's "rainbow of religions" and to develop an inter-faith theology to respond to the reality of a religiously plural society. He has spoken internationally on this topic at national gatherings for the Church Without Walls as well as the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

2008 Confirmation Class
May 11, 2008: Our church numbers grew by three after our newest confirmants were brought into the congregation as new members.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
May 10, 2008: The Church's first Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser was a huge success and received many good reviews from attendees.

Pastor Don's Installation
September 23, 2007: The Reverend Donald J. Stager was officially installed as pastor of the First Reformed church of South River .

2007 Confirmation Class
June 3, 2007: We were very proud of our four young ladies who recently completed their confirmation studies and made their personal commitment to our congregation.

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