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Birthdays and Anniversaries
Click on our birthday cake to see the list of who is celebrating this month.

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Worship Music...
Worship music is like a prayer that can be spoken in many different languages together by many different people. The more kinds..... the more beautiful it becomes. We are looking to expand the way we do music so that more and more people can pray and rejoice along with us. Please speack to Pastor Mike if you have a musical talent and would be willing to help us expand our Sunday worship experience.

After School Program....
The summer movie lunch program was such a success that we are growing it into a once a week after school program during the year. Please consider offering your help in any of these ways:
      1) Financial support
      2) Leading an interesting or unique activity one week
      3) Volunteering to help run weekly programs
      4) Serving on the Board of Advisors

Monthly Sunday Morning Breakfast....
Volunteers are being sought to prepare breakfast for our monthly Sunday morning breakfast. Please see Pastor Mike if you are able to assist with this.

Worship Cancellation Plan...
In the event of a major snowstorm or other emergencies, it is possible that in the best interest of the safety and well being of our worshippers, we may cancel our Sunday morning worship services. Any cancellation decisions will be made by 8 am on Sunday morning. While this should be a rare situation, we want to make sure that our members are informed about any cancellations. Click HERE for our complete policy outlining how you can be informed.


Contact Information


40 Thomas Street, South River, New Jersey 08882